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1434 / 2013


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1434 / 2013:

1. Fruits: Healthy Food
2. Reactions of Muslim Scholars to the Night Journey
By Hassan El-Najjar
December 27, 2013

Countless Blessings of God
By Shahir Raslan,
December 20, 2013

Lessons from History for Muslim Americans
By Mansour Ansari,
December 6, 2013

Ashoura, Part II, Martyrdom of Al-Hussayn
By Hassan El-Najjar,
November 22, 2013

'Ashoura, Part I, Remembrance and Meditation
About Liberation of the Israelites from the Pharaoh

By Hassan El-Najjar,
November 15, 2013

Four Imams' Differences

By Hassan El-Najjar,
November 1, 2013

Hijra, Immigration of Muslims from Makkah to Medina
By Amjed Tawfik,
October 18, 2013

Eidul Adha Khutba and Prayer
By Hassan El-Najjar,
October 15, 2013

Success and Arrogance
By Hassan El-Najjar,
September 27, 2013

From Ritual to Spiritual
By Mansour Ansari,
September 13, 2013

Educational Illustrations in Mi'raj
By Hassan El-Najjar,
August 30, 2013

Islam, God's Clear Message to Humanity
By Mansour Ansari,
August 23, 20133

Fitna, Upheaval, How to Deal With it?
By Hassan El-Najjar
August 16, 2013

Eidul Fitr Khutba and Prayer,
By Hassan El-Najjar,
August 8, 2013

God's Wishes for His Worshippers
By Hassan El-Najjar,
August 2, 2013

Tarawi'h, Night of Qadr, and Fitr Zakat
By Hassan El-Najjar,
July 26, 2013

Ramadan, a Blessing for Believers

By Hammad El-Ameen,
July 12, 2013

Fasting Ramadan: Rules and Benefits
By Hassan El-Najjar,
July 5, 2013

Al-Issra Wal Mi'raj
By Hafiz Inayatullah,
June 28, 2013

Preparation for Fasting Ramadan
By Shahir Raslan,
June 21, 2013

Journey of Al-Issra Wal Mi'raj

By Hassan El-Najjar,
June 7, 2013

Faith Guides Good Deeds
By Hammad El-Ameen,
May 31, 2013

Turbulent Times,
an Islamic Perspective
By Hassan El-Najjar,
May 24, 2013

Muslim American Contributions
By Mansour Ansari,
May 10, 2013

Fasting and Longevity Research,
A Note on Boston Bombing
By Hassan El-Najjar
April 26, 2013

Omar, 2nd Caliph
By Mansour Ansari,
April 19, 2013

Good Treatment of Parents

By Mansour Ansari,
March 22, 2013

Noo'h (Noah), pbuh,
By Hassan El-Najjar,
March 15, 2013

God's Forgiveness and Mercy

By Hammad El-Ameen,
March 8, 2013,
Interview with Courtney Couch and Monica Powers,

Characteristics of Good Believers,
Khutba & Prayer,
By Hafiz Inayatullah,
March 1, 2013

Reviving the Sunna

By Mansour Ansari
February 22, 2013

Muhammed, Mercy to Humanity
By Hafiz Inayatullah,
Feb 15, 2013

Three Types of Peaople
By Hammad Al-Ameen,
February 8, 2013

Standing by Principles &
Turning Back to Allah
By Amjed Tewfik,
February 1, 2013

Suicide and Mass Shooting:
An Islamic Perspective
By Hassan El-Najjar,
Jan 25, 2013

Islam Poised to Lead
By Mansour Ansari
January 18, 2013

Greed and Corruption:
An Islamic Perspective
 By Hassan El-Najjar
January 4, 2013

Jesus Christ
By Hassan El-Najjar
Dec 21,2012

Status of Friday Prayer
By Mansour Ansari
Dec 14, 2012


By Shaikh Hafiz Inayatullah,
Dec 7, 2012

Guidance Through Faith

By Hammad El-Amin
November 30, 2012

Persistence, A Formula of Success

By Hassan El-Najjar,
& Quran Scientific Facts, Part II
By Zaghlool El-Najjar

Gaining God's Love
By Mansour Ansari,
& Quran Scientific Facts
By Zaghlool El-Najjar,
November 16, 2012

Quran, God's Message
By Hassan El-Najjar
& History Channel
Nov 9, 2012

Beneficence and Mercy

By Hassan El-Najjar,
November 2, 2012

Eidul Ad'ha Khutba
By Hassan El-Najjar,
October 26, 2012

Meanings from Hajj
By Mansoor Ansari,
Announcement By John Anthony,
Interview of Ingrid Mattson,
October 19, 2012

By Hassan El-Najjar,

Enjoining Good By Abdul Aziz Bin Sa'eed,
Huda TV, October 12, 2012

Haj, Pilgrimage, the Fifth Pillar of Islamic Worship,
Khutba By Shakh Afsar Ali,
Discussion By Shakih Waleed Abdul Hakeem,
Interviewed in the Deen Show,

October 5, 2012

Haj, Pilgrimage,
By Hafiz Inayatullah,

September 28, 2012

Muhammed, pbbuh,
By Hassan El-Najjar,

September 21, 2012

Guard Against Whispering Satan
By Hammad El-Ameen,
September 7, 2012

Repentance & Forgiveness 
By Hassan El-Najjar,
August 31, 2012

Lessons from Ramadan, Khutba

By Mansour Ansari
August 24, 2012

Eidul Fitr Takbeer, Prayer, Khutba
By Hassan El-Najjar

August 19, 2012

Ramadan Report Card
By Hassan El-Najjar
August 17, 2012

Da'awa Call By Omar Fanie,

Night of Qadr By Hassan El-Najjar,
Spiritual & Physical Aspects of Worship
Presented by Nidal Ibrahim,
August 10, 2012

Taqwa, the Islamic Concept of Piety and Righteousness
By Hassan El-Najjar

15 Ramadan, 1433, August 3, 2012


Ramadan, The Month of Fasting

By Hamed El-Ameen

8 Ramadan, 1433, July 27, 2012


Fasting in Ramadah, An Islamic Worship

By Hassan El-Najjar

1 Ramadan, 1433, July 20, 2012