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Here's a book introducing basic information about Islam in 25 chapters, including the meaning and practice of Islam and Iman belief in Allah, His angels, messengers, books, and the Last Day: 

Islam: A Scientific View of God's Message to Humanity


Quran and Hadith Search

There are may internet websites which carry the Holy Quran and provide Quran and Hadith searches, indexes, and interpretations in Arabic and other main languages.

1. The website (www.tanzil.net) has the Holy Quran in Arabic and other major world languages, including fourteen (14) English translations. Further, it has Quran recitations for twenty-five most famous Arabic reciters. In addition, it has recitations in English, Persian, and Azerbaijani.

2. This website (http://qaalarasulallah.com/) contain a 'Hadith search function.

2. The website ( www.quranexplorer.com ) has the Holy Qur'an in Arabic and other major world languages, including three English translations. It also has Qur'an recitation for five Arabic reciters.

3. The website ( www.quranful.com ) has the Holy Qur'an in Arabic and English as texts and recitations. You can read and listen to each verse first in Arabic, then in English, which has been translated by Talal Itani.  


4. Preserving the Holy Quran: Discovering Parchments in British and German Libraries

5. Birmingham's Ancient Quran History Revealed

6. Muslims Internet Directory: http://2muslims.com/